CDC releases iPad app allowing users to solve outbreaks


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released an iPad app called Solve the Outbreak that allows you to assume the role of an outbreak investigator, and challenges you to determine the cause of real-life outbreak scenarios.

The game gives users data to review and clues to help them determine the cause of the outbreak. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden says, "The goal is to use new technology to provide an engaging, interactive way for users to learn how CDC solves outbreaks, thereby increasing general knowledge about real-life public health issues."

Dr. Frieden says this game lets the CDC illustrate the challenges of solving outbreaks, and how disease detectives work on the front lines.

CDC Electronic Media Branch Chief Carol Crawford says, "The three introductory scenarios are based on actual events EIS officers have solved. We also plan to add new outbreak cases."

Download Solve the Outbreak from the iTunes store here: