Milwaukee man found dead in running car on city's northwest side


by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE -- A man is found dead in his car near 88th and Mill Rd. on Milwaukee's northwest side. Witnesses tell us the car was running when the man was found. Milwaukee police are investigating this death that is shaking up neighbors in the area.

Kenyetta Lowery tells us she discovered the body while walking to the store with her sister. The car caught their attention, because they noticed this car was running for more than 45 minutes. Lowery says, "We were knocking on the window, and the man was slumped over."

Police aren't investigating this as a homicide, because they saw no obvious signs of trauma to the victim's body.

According to police the body belongs to a 31-year-old black male. Police aren't releasing more details about this investigation for now.

Monitor and CBS58 News for the latest on this story.



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