Man charged in Oak Leaf Trail sexual assaults


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE --  43-year-old Tyrone Wilder is charged with second and fourth degree sexual assault for allegedly attacking two different women during their run on October 8th.

According to the criminal complaint, Wilder began chasing after a woman on the Oak Leaf Trail. The alleged victim says Wilder caught up with her and slap her buttocks.

The second sexual assault took place about an hour later on the Oak Leaf Trail. The victim told police she was running in Wilder's direction on the trail. He allegedly said hello to the victim as she approached his location on the trail. She says she didn't respond and kept running. 

The criminal complaint says Wilder suddenly blocked the woman's path, putting his arms out wide. Wilder allegedly moved to keep the victim from going around him. The complaint says Wilder grabbed the woman who told him she didn't have any money. The victim told police Wilder pushed her down and began pulling her pants off.

The victim told police Wilder managed to pull her pants down and stick his fingers into her. She says she continually hit Wilder with a cell phone. Eventually a man arrived, and the victim was able to get away from Wilder.

Wilder was arrested by Milwaukee Police officers on bike patrol near the 1300 block of N. Lincoln Memorial Drive. Police say the second victim picked Wilder out of a photo lineup as the man who sexually assaulted her.

If convicted on both counts of sexual assault, Wilder could serve up to 40 years and nine months in prison.


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