Family of Kenosha man found dead still search for answers


by Chris Patterson

KENOSHA -- Police in Kenosha are still investigating the death of a man found near a bike trail. The family of the 55-year-old David Sipes, the man found in a retention basin, traveled to Wisconsin looking for answers.

David Sipes' son Arden says he has a few answers surrounding his father's death. Police told him his father was found with scrapes on his hands and head laying near his cane. David's wallet and phone was left in his home.

A 911 call placed the night before David was found reported an older man looking lost near a bank.

Arden says this is leading police to believe it could have been natural causes, but it's not the first time police leaned toward natural causes.

Blood found at the scene turned out to not belong to David. Arden is still looking for a more complete story about how his father died.

If you have any information regarding this case, please call Kenosha police at 262-656-7333.


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