Two Milwaukee men allegedly beat another man to death over $10


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Dexter Broughton and Leroy Rushing Jr. are both charged with First Degree Reckless Homicide for their alleged parts in the beating death of Curtis Scott. Both men are accused of beating Scott to death over $10.

According to the criminal complaint, Broughton and Rushing ran into Scott on March 31st. Both men have known Scott for over 10 years, and wanted to hang out with Scott. All three men wen to a liquor store and bought their choice of drinks. Scott rode away from the liquor store with Broughton and Rushing to hang out.

The complaint says Rushing and Scott wanted to get something else to drink, so they returned to the liquor store. Rushing allegedly gave Scott $10 to help pay for what he was buying for them to drink. After entering the liquor store Scott decided he didn't want to hang out with Rushing anymore and just wanted to go home.

The trio arrived at an alley just north of Keefe Ave. near 5th St. when Rushing asked for his $10 back. Scott allegedly told both men he didn't have the $10, and refuted Rushing's claim of giving him $10. Broughton told police the argument got heated, and Rushing allegedly took a baseball bat from his car and beat Scott with it.

Witnesses say they saw Rushing hitting Scott with a baseball bat like he was chopping wood. They told police Scott's body wasn't moving, and his pockets were left turned out.

Both Broughton and Rushing are facing 60 years in prison if convicted.


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