State releases report cards for school districts


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE --  The school year has just begun, and report cards for several Wisconsin school districts are in. The Wisconsin Department of Instruction rated every school district in the state, and only one district received a failing grade.

Nine of the states 424 public school districts significantly exceeded expectations, 133 exceed expectations, and 270 meet expectations, and Milwaukee Public Schools was the only school district in the state who failed to reach expectations.

Milwaukee Public Schools released a statement saying several schools do exceed and meet expectations. MPS Superintendent Gregory Thorton says the district is committed to sharpening its focus on the work that remains learning from it successes.

The statement comes right out and says more needs to be done, but points out fewer individual schools failed this year compared to last year. This year 49 schools failed, while 60 schools failed in 2012.

Check your school district's report card by clicking here.


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