Washington and Dodge Counties hit hard by snowfall


by Chris Patterson

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- In Washington County 20 Plow trucks will be on the road until at least 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night. Trucks have been on the roads since about 4:30 this morning. 

After Tuesday's relative warmth, many residents are worried about icy sidewalks and roads. "People coming home people might have some trouble because a lot of the water will be freezing," Robert Searvogel of West Bend said. "A lot of this will be ice instead of snow."

The quick freeze could also pose a problem for pedestrians. "It's just underneath I'm worried about it getting icy when they're walking home from school," West Bend resident Heather Zapata said.  "Depending on the weather it'll be a little slick underneath."

To the west in Dodge County, Sheriff Todd Nehls said his team responded to more than 20 weather related incidents Wednesday, but the sheriff says the snow isn't a big deal. "It's Dodge County, we're rural county," Nehls said. "We've got a lot of state highways but we've got a real robust highway department. People in dodge county are accustom to driving in snowy and slippery conditions in the winter.  Most comments I've gotten from citizens today is the snow is sure making it look a lot nicer now, nice fresh snow covering the barren ground. We enjoy this type of weather."  

Ice can form quickly due to the large amount of water and melting snow. Drivers are being warned to stay off the roads if possible.


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