Youth offenders 'more heavily armed' in Milwaukee, Chief says


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--During a hearing about Mayor Tom Barrett's proposed 2014-2016 budget, Police Chief Ed Flynn talked about how officers are working to combat violence in the city.

"This year I think we're finding ourselves with younger offenders, more heavily armed than we have encountered in the past," explained Flynn.  "And with youth comes impulsiveness and immaturity and you marry those two things , having a .40 caliber pistol and we've got problems."

There are community organizations working to reach young people to keep them away from violence.  Now We Praise Outdoor Worship hosted an event at Washington Park Tuesday afternoon. There were fun activities for children, music, and school supply giveaways all for a greater purpose.

"By showing love and giving love kids will see that there's a better way that the violence, the abuse, the drug activity, [and] the gang activity," said Organizer Devon Duke.




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