Strokes increasing in young people


by Becky Mortensen
by Shari Dunn

You may have heard about a former child star, Frankie Muniz recovering from a mild stroke recently. The incident has brought light to strokes to a trend of strokes occurring in young people.

Muniz, just 27, had a stoke last Friday. He lost vision in one eye and felt his body go numb, he also lost control of his ability to speak.

CBS 58 talked with Dr. Sam Zaidat Wendesday, a doctor who specializes in strokes at Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin. He says what Muniz had what's called an Ischemic stroke. That's when a particular artery in the brain is blocked or torn.

Dr. Zaidat says the rate of strokes in young people is increasing and young people may be overlooking the cause.

"Avoid smoking, drugs and young people can have high blood pressure disabities, keep them under good control," Dr. Zaidat said.

So what are the warning signs of a stroke? The National Stroke Association uses the achronym FAST to help you test the symptoms.

F is for face, one side of a person's face drooping is a sign of a stroke. A is for arms, if a person can't raise both their arms evenly, that may be another warning sign. S is for speech, slurred speech or talking strangely are signs of a stroke. Finally, T is for time, this is to encourage anyone seeing signs of a stroke in a person to call 911 as soon as possible.


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