World War II Veterans gather for "Wings of Freedom" tour

veterans aged 87 and up given rides on restored vintage planes


by Michele McCormack

RACINE-A dozen veterans gathered at the airport Friday afternoon for a ride aboard restored vintage planes.

The rain, however, grounded the planes for awhile and the men had to cool their jets.

"When you take the oath," 93 year old Sebastian Corriere told CBS 58 News, "they told what to do and that's what you do."

He enjoyed chatting with other veterans, all board members of the Air Force Historical Society, Wisconsin chapter, which helped organized the event as part of the "Wings of Freedom" tour.

They spent the layover telling stories and recalling the days aboard  the B-17, B-24, andP-51.

"You feel nostalgia," Correire admitted, "makes you want to get in them for old times sake."

The veterans took off from Eau Claire, made a stop in Racine with the plan to fly to Chicago Business Executive Park.

This is in preparations for the chapter's "Fly For Freedom" even which will take place September 12th. The 8th Air Force Historical Society will to the War Bird Museum in Waukegan, Illinois.

They'll then return to the Milwaukee area where they will be provided an honorary dinner and special 1040's entertainment.





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