Democratic Women say female vote could sway election


by WDJT Editor

CHARLOTTE, NC --- Following Tuesday's speeches from some high profile women, including the First Lady Michelle Obama, female Democratic Delegates at the DNC were feeling energized.

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore spoke to the convention about violence against women and how the President will protect victims.

She also addressed the GOP being out of touch with women.

"Congresswoman Gwen Moore from Wisconsin was speaking to women," Florida State Senator and Delegate Arthenia Joyner said. "And the fact that the Republicans totally disrespect women."

Moore was one of the many "Women of the House" who spoke about what the Democrats see as issues facing American women.

"These are really personal issues for the Women of America and I think that's something the Republicans just don't get," Mississippi Delegate Cristen Hemmins explained.

Women CBS 58 spoke with at the DNC said they think the female will help turn the vote in their favor.


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