Woman accused of drunk driving with kids in car appears in court


by John Cuoco

WAUKESHA—A Greenfield woman appeared in court following her drunken driving arrest with six children in the car.

39-year-old Shelly Butler had six kids under the age of 16 in the car with her when she was pulled over, allegedly drunk behind the wheel.

According to authorities the kids weren’t even secured in the car. Some were lying on the floor under the legs of other children.

Butler and her family had nothing to say to our camera outside the courtroom Tuesday; instead asking for privacy.

Standing in a Waukesha County courtroom moments earlier though, Court Commissioner Martin Binn had some tough words for her.

“You wanna continue to drink and drive and kill yourself, go right ahead, but you have no right to endanger those children, who will follow you blindly because they love you. If you love them you wouldn't get into a car under the influence of an intoxicant,” Binn said.

Butler is charged with OWI plus four other traffic violations including violating child safety, speeding, and two counts of unsafe lane deviation.

“It's aggravated because if I were to ask you, would you take your children, and give them to someone who is intoxicated and let them drive away on the express way, you would say no. Is that right?” Binn asked.

“Yes,” replied Butler.

“And that's what you subjected your children to,” Binn said.

Butler was convicted for an OWI back in 1996.

For the charges Tuesday though, she was given a $500 cash bail until her next hearing as a condition of that bond.

Butler is not allowed to drive anyone else's children around.

Commissioner Binn explained that decision by saying he understands that as a mother Butler may need to drive her own kids, but he doesn't want to put anyone else's kids at risk.


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