Wisconsin Part of Final Push on Election Eve

Obama in Madison, Ryan Returns to Milwaukee


by Michele McCormack

MADISON-Rock legend Bruce Springsteen performed the anthem "Land of Hope and Dreams" at the steps of Wisconsin's capitol building Monday.

The biggest applause, though, were for President Obama introduced by "the Boss" who is traveling airforce one with the President in a final swing through battleground states.

The president told the crowd that he is the one they can trust with change.

"We tried giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans," the president said, "we tried giving insurance, oil and Wall Street free reign to do whatever they please...and what did we get?"

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will hold a late night rally at Mitchell International, set to begin around 9:45 p.m.

Earlier in the day Mitt Romney was at the Sanford, Florida airport where he told a crowd that there was only one thing left to do, to which the crowd chanted back "one more day."


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