Wisconsin Marines on patriotic trek to Lambeau

walking 100 miles for troops serving overseas


by Michele McCormack

WAUSAU-Their tours are over, but two Wisconsin Marines aren't forgetting they have fellow military members still in the thick of it on this Patriots Day.

Shannon Anker and Chad Hintz, now officially retired but still very much Marines, set off on a 100 mile hike from Wausau to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Their walk is aimed at raising money to send care packages to troops serving overseas.

They call themselves "The old dogs that still care" and they hope people they pass on the way will care as well.

"When we were in, you get a care package from home it made you feel like okay this is what I'm here for," Hintz said, "And that's what we want, to send them a little piece of home and say  we know what you guys are doing."

This is the fourth consecutive year they've made the trip from Rib Mountain to the Vince Lombardi statue.

They expect to arrive just before kickoff Sunday when the Packers host Washington.



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