Wilcox family continues methodical search


by WDJT Assignment Desk

MILWAUKEE --- More than 50 volunteer searchers met with the Wilcox family at the Irish Rec Room early Sunday morning to continue searching for Nick Wilcox.

Searchers divided up into groups with a team leader, a central meeting place, a map of the eastside and specific areas they intended to search.

Armed with more than 800 flyers, the volunteers scoured the streets looking for clues or any signs that may lead them to Nick.

"We do what we can, exhaust all avenues trying to find Nick," Nick's Uncle, Jerry Wiser said of the search.

They looked between houses, under porches, inside garbage bins and asked eastside neighbors if they'd seen an sign of Nick.

"We're still at a dead end," Nick's sister Andrea said. "We have nothing, no clue, no idea."

Nick has been missing since the early morning hours of New Year's Day. He was last seen outside the Irish Rec Room on Old World Third Street.

His family says bar owners have allowed them to gather there everyday since his disappearance, some of the employees have even helped join in the search.

The volunteer searchers say they will not stop until they find Nick.


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