Thursday, October 30, 2014

West Allis to begin charging $250 crash fee to non-residents only
by John Cuoco

WEST ALLIS -- A new law passed in the City of West Allis charges drivers a $250 crash fee, if they're at fault and driving a car not registered with a West Allis address. The new fine will have drivers passing through West Allis on alert after the fee kicks in on January 1, 2013.

City of West Allis Alderman Michael May says it will be up to insurance companies to figure out who is to blame. He adds the new $250 fee will bring more than $25,000 to the city. "We don't want to put this on the taxpayer. We want to pu this on the responsible party for the service," he says.

Other communities in southeast Wisconsin have already enacted a crash fee if the fire department is called to the scene of the crash. West Allis joins New Berlin as the only municipalities that charge only non-residents.

All other municipalities charging a crash fee fine both residents and non residents. Those communities are:

Alderman May says the city will take a look at this policy in a year and asess how it's working.