UPDATE: Man Dead in West Allis Missing Persons Case


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by Chris Patterson

WEST ALLIS -- A West Allis missing persons case ends with gunfire in central Wisconsin. Law enforcement are still investigating if the missing woman voluntarily went to Adams County or how she got there.

On Wednesday evening, local law enforcement in Big Flats confirmed that the man believed to be her husband died of a self inflicted gunshot wound.

On February 19th, West Allis police responded to a call from concerned family members on W. Vigo Terrace. Family members were concerned about where their 52-year-old relative was after she dropped off the young person she was babysitting without alerting family members.

West Allis Police Chief says, "It was out of her character to not be contacted, to not let anyone know where she was and not answer her phone."

Family members were also concerned about a no-contact order against her husband. "The most recent thing is there was some kind of domestic situation that made the family members fearful that she may be in some kind of danger if she's with him," says Padgett.

Law enforcement tracked the couple to a family property in Adams County last night. Deputies were called to a home in the Town of Big Flats when the man inside pulled out a handgun, and shot at officers hitting one. Adams County Sheriff Sam Wollin says, "Preliminary information indicates the officers did not return fire, and the subject sustained a self inflicted gun shot wound. The sheriff's deputy, and the subject were transported to an area hospital and remain under medical care."

Wollin told us his department doesn't know if she went to Big Flats voluntarily, or how she got there. The sheriff said, "We don't know if anything illegal, per se, happened in West Allis. Hopefully she's okay."

The man who died has been identified as 55 year old Thomas Costigan.

The deputy who was shot several times, 43 year old Todd Johnson, remains hospitalized.

Court records indicate the couple applied for divorce in 2011 but later abandoned the proceedings.

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