West Allis man with history of mental illness charged in apartment stabbing


by Chris Patterson

WEST ALLIS -- 48-year-old John Vegas is charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide for the stabbing death of his neighbor Barbara Blong. Vegas and Blong lived in a transitional living facility for people with mental health issues.

According to the criminal complaint, Vegas said he was hearing voices that "got him going". The complaint says Vegas opened his door and ran toward Blong and started stabbing her. Blong had her back to Vegas, and was facing her door when he began stabbing her.

According to a resident Vegas was often seen talking to himself.

"Swearing, cussing at himself, putting holes in the window you name it, stomping around, it made no sense," he said.

Vegas told police he stabbed Blong, because he was angry but could not recall what he was angry about.

In the criminal complaint, Vegas said he returned to his apartment, washed off the knife and put his jacket back in his closet.

If convicted, Vegas faces life in prison.


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