West Allis couple claims $1 million Powerball prize


by WDJT Assignment Desk

WEST ALLIS—They were just one number shy of sharing the record Powerball jackpot, but still a West Allis couple has a million reasons to smile.

That couple talked about how their new fortune will help make dreams come true.

It wasn’t the weight of the check, but the sight on a one with six zeroes after it that nearly took Mary Retterath’s breath away.

"Ahhhhhh....a one million dollar check. How does that feel? Oh unbelievable," said Retterath.

How sweet it is for Mary and her husband Dennis.

Monday’s cake cutting and check presentation ceremony were held at West Allis City Hall, four days after Mary found out her Powerball quick pick ticket was a million dollar winner.

The morning after Wednesday’s night drawing, Mary didn’t think that they’d won because none of their tickets had the winning Powerball number 6.

“So I put my tickets down and got ready for work," Retterath said.

But before she left, Mary found out a ticket that matched all five regular winning numbers was purchased at the Speedway Station at 92nd St and Oklahoma which was the same place she bought hers.

So Mary checked again and found out that she was holding the million dollar ticket.

“I cried and woke up Dennis. I was very excited… I called all my children, scared them half to death,” said Retterath.

Mary put the ticket in a safe place and yes, went to work at the West Allis Children’s Center.

She did not share the great news with co-workers, but did tell her bosses who knew something was up.

“They asked me what was wrong cause I looked sick. My eyes were bloodshot,” said Retterath.

From tears of happiness knowing days of living paycheck to paycheck were over.

The $672,000 lump sum payout after taxes will allow the Retterath’s to help their four children and begin their retirement immediately.

Mary was one of 60 people nationwide that won a million dollar prize for matching five numbers.


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