Wauwatosa man talks about what he saw in Boston after the bombings


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- CBS 58's Mike Strehlow spoke with a Wauwatosa runner who finished his eighth Boston Marathon about an hour before the bombs went off. Wauwatosa resident Peter Stefaniak spoke with us from his hotel room a few blocks from the site of the Boston Marathon.

Stefaniak: People are all over this city trying to make their way back to their hotels. There's a lot of chaos right now.

Strehlow: What are you seeing out your window?

Stefaniak: Ambulances going by constatnly. You can hear them. We were out on the street. There's a lot of people out on the street, but the street's completely blocked off, and it reminds me a lot like 9/11. No cell service at all. Everybody's kind of freaked out. Normally you'd be in a hapy mood, and it's definately not that way. It's just kind of surreal you know. You go through the emotions of finishing a marathon, and it is a very emotional thing to run 26 miles. You get so depleted and dehydrated, and then something like this. Like I said everybody just, everybody's kind of spooked right now in our hotel."

Stefaniak said security at the Boston Marathon has been stepped up considerably since 9/11 with sharpshooters posted on buildings, and constant security sweeps of the race course.



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