Wauwatosa Residents Shocked and Mournful Over Officer's Murder


by WDJT Editor
by Michele McCormack

WAUWATOSA---"This is obviously horrible," Tosa resident Carol Hudson told CBS 58 just minutes after news broke that a police officer was shot and killed near her neighborhood.

"I pray for that officer's family," Hudson went on. "I can't imagine. Just like every where else in this country it's not supposed to happen here. It's going to hurt the whole community because we've always felt safe. Just like everywhere else around, they feel safe and now we don't."

Resident Michael Schillig says he's devastated by the news.

"I thought this was a pretty nice area until this happened."

Maria Reptoski feels the same way.

"It's scary," Reptoski said. "I moved to this area for the safety mostly and just to have this happen only two blocks away from my house is just, it's not okay, especially on Christmas Eve."


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