High School student brings awareness to sex assault with Denim Day project


by Chris Patterson

WAUWATOSA -- Many in Southeastern Wisconsin are celebrating Denim Day, a day dedicated to bringing awareness to sexual assault. One high school student is bringing awareness to the streets of Wauwatosa.

Wauwatosa East High School student McKenna Nerone collectede more than 1,800 pairs of jeans for project, way over her goal. She tells CBS 58 it's more than a school assignment, the pants she used represents victims of sexual assault. Nerone says, "When I heard about Denim Day and the girl in Italy, and I wanted to do something about this. And nobody wants to talk about rape."

Nerone says once she learned about the history of Denim Day she wanted to make a difference. "I heard about the statistics, and found that every two minutes in America somebody is raped," she said "So sitting in school seven hours a day, five days a week safe in school, 1050 people are raped in America."

The jeans will be donated to an organization called Pathfinders, a group that helps runaway teens.


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