Waukesha woman caught calling in fake emergencies to get out of tickets


by Chris Patterson

WAUKESHA -- Aisha Jackson of Waukesha is charged with six counts of false emergency phone use. Jackson is accused of calling in fake emergencies to 911 just to get out of traffic tickets. All six times officers terminated the traffic stop, and responded to the fake emergency.

According to a criminal complaint the first time Jackson called a fake emergency was on January 21, 2011. The complaint says while the officer was back in his car running Jackson's record, she called 911 saying there were three masked men entering a gas station.

The last time the complaint says Jackson used this tactic was December 15, 2011. Eventually Waukesha police realized all six calls came from Aisha Jackson's phone.

Jackson faces up to a year and five months in prison and $1,800 in fines if convicted on all counts.


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