Waukesha man caught secretly recording nude teenage girls


by Keith Meka

WAUKESHA -- 32-year-old Michael Coyle is charged with two counts of capture an image of nudity without consent and possession of THC after setting up a hidden camera to videotape teenage girls at a swimming school. Coyle was employed at Swimtastic Swim School in Waukesha as an instructor.

According to the criminal complaint, Coyle used two hidden cameras. One looked like a car key and another looked like a pen. He placed those cameras in an air vent inside the staff bathroom.

One 16-year-old girl was seen in Coyle's videos fixing her hair with her chest exposed. The victim seen in this 2011 video was an instructor at Swimtastic Swim School back in 2011. The second victim recorded by Coyle's camera was seen changing from her swimsuit into street clothes.

Coyle's videos were found by his wife Lilly Coyle. The two were in the beginning stages of being separated, and Lilly stopped by her husband's house to pick up a few things. The two were fighting about Coyle's drug use, so she snooped around to see if he was still using marijuana.

Lilly found her husband's cameras, and saw the videos containing nude young girls. She called police to the house and showed officers the videos. As police were confiscating Coyle's drugs and cameras, Coyle returned home.

Coyle was arrested by Waukesha police and confessed to videotaping young women "two or three" times. He told police he'd recorded those videos a few years ago.

If convicted on all counts, Coyle faces up to 7.5 years in prison and $21,000 in fines.


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