Waters Rising in Jefferson County

riverwalk under water


by Michele McCormack

FORT ATKINSON---Water has already spilled over and onto the riverwalk.

Jefferson County Emergency Management says rivers and lakes continue to rise and that they remain cautious. The rain over the next two days could be the tipping point.

Flood warnings remain in effect for the Crawfish River at Milford and the Rock River, from Watertown south into Rock County. All locations are currently at or above flood stage. The Bark River at Rome is near flood stage.

Municipalities like Jefferson and Fort Atkinson are providing sandbags to residents and business owners. They warn against putting off until the last minute. Volunteers are also being sought to help fill sandbags.

CBS 58's Keith Meka reports that the Rock River is just over 17 feet. It's already at the minor flood stage. But, it's expected to go above 18 feet over the weekend, which will put it at major flood stage.

There is a real concern that things could be as bad as in 2008 when there was major flooding.

On Wednesday night, resident Sean Curley was putting sandbags around his mother's home, because back in 2008 it had several feet of water.

"This year they're already packing their bags," Curley tells Keith Meka. "They're getting ready in case there's an evacuation. So, they're getting their bags ready. I'm taking the cat with me so I get a new friend."

Lt. Dion Brown of the Fort Atkinson Fire Department says they have visited several properties, "Our concerns are the rising of the river and that's why we're getting prepared and sandbags."

The Red Cross is also set to come in and establish at least one shelter at the First United Methodist Church.


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