Water spouts spotted over Lake Michigan by Kenosha

Ron Burden


by Chris Patterson

KENOSHA --  Water spouts are being spotted in Lake Michigan near the City of Kenosha. The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department says a funnel cloud was sighted in the City of Kenosha at 94th St. near Lake Michigan.

The sheriff's department says water spouts have also been sighted over Lake Michigan a couple miles off the shores of Kenosha. Tornado sirens were activated.

The National Weather Service did not see rotation in the storm clouds on radar, thus no official tornado warning was issued.

Sgt. Bill Beth of the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department says there's also a search going on for a missing boat. But around 5:30 p.m they called it off.

Sgt. Beth said the Pleasant Prairie Police Department received a call from a resident who believed he had seen a boat be overtaken by the water spout. 

"The Kenosha Sheriff's Department has talked to additional residents who are very sure that they saw the mast of a sailboat about one mile off shore that was over taken by the water spout as the water spout moved South, " Beth told CBS 58 News. 

The resident say when the water spout dissipated they did not see the sailboat anymore. 

So far search crews have found no  physical evidence of boat debris wash up on shore.

  The Coast Guard is currently conducting a search using a helicopter, a boat out of Kenosha Harbor and a larger vessel out of Waukegan.




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