Water main break leaves Greendale homes without water


by Matt Doyle

GREENDALE -- Reports of a water main break in Greendale have left many without access to water. The incident occurred around 9:15 a.m. Sunday morning, and officials are at the scene attempting to resolve the situation.

"Big time, like a big flood," Susan Megonigle said.

"Wonderful morning to wake up to. Water halfway down the road," Matt Patnode said.

The main busted near Catalpa and Dale in Greendale. The Village Administrator said about 30 homes had no water, others had little to no pressure.

"Right in front of the sidewalk down there, end of the road, it was bubbling up half a foot, a foot," Patnode said.  "Water flowing all the way down, two blocks over."

Crews arrived and shut the water off by 9:30 am.   Neighbors said the water was bubbling up rapidly, coming close to the base of homes on Dale Lane.

"On the neighbors house it was all the way up to his door practically," Megonigle said.  "Yeah it was a lot of water flowing."

"It covered most of the driveway, almost to the garage, but not quite," Erica Henschel said.

Although it's an inconvenience some people plan for it since this has happened before in Greendale.

"Lots of water bottles and extra gallons of water on hand," Henschel said.

They're also thankful the weather isn't as hot as it was earlier this week.   But no water means more than just what you drink..

"Just knowing you can't go to the bathroom, you can't do dishes, you can't do your laundry, you can't shower. It's kind of like not having power for the day," Megonigle said.

"Can't even go to the bathroom. Got to let it sit back and don't smell too good after a while," Patnode said.

As far as the massive hole in the street -  it will be filled with gravel tonight then the village will decide whether to patch it or repave it. 

For now, some people will wait for the water to come back on - while some have a backup plan for Sunday night.

"Doesn't worry me too much," Henschel said.  "I can always spend the time at my parents and be there for a while or go to a hotel room to stay."

Crews hope to have it repaired Sunday evening.


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