Want to tell Congress what you really think about the shutdown?


by John Cuoco

MILWAUKEE- If you are one of the many people upset with Congress right now, there may be a website to help you vent that frustration.

Drunkdialcongress.org allows people to put in their phone number and be connected to a random member of Congress.

According to CNN, the website was set up for fun by a former Obama campaign staffer and the site has been receiving so much traffic it stopped working on Thursday.

The founder told CNN, he will actually lose money on the site, rather than a profit despite the heavy web traffic.

CBS 58 put the site to the test and was connected with Democratic New York Congressman Paul Tonko's staff.

They said they were not receiving odd calls about drunk dialing congress at the number where we were connected.

CBS 58 asked people on the street what they would say if they got the chance to speak with Congress and got a variety of answers.

Here's the link: www.drunkdialcongress.org


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