WI Dems excited by Ryan too


by Rielle Creighton

MILWAUKEE -- The state’s top democrats issued a direct response to the Romney/Ryan Wisconsin visit by holding their own press conference and rally ahead of the Republican’s big night in Waukesha.

“I am excited, I really am for these next 80 something days because we have less work to do with regard to defining what the issues are, Governor Romney has helped us tremendously with this pick,” said Rep. Gwen Moore.

While in Ryan many are seeing a perfect pick for the GOP, state democrats were seeing the perfect opponent and one who lawmakers in Wisconsin say they know very well.

Moore shouted, “He guts Medicare increasing the cost to seniors by as much as $6000!”

To supporters Congresswoman Moore fired what was one of many shots to come at Ryan’s budget plan from the democrats.

It was a very different crowd than the one that greeted Ryan in Waukesha, not everyone there was brimming with pride about seeing Ryan on the ticket.

“I'm a little bit embarrassed of Ryan’s being from Wisconsin, this is so cold hearted, his budget,” said Ron Taylor, whose son receives Medicare.

Democrats acknowledged that many voters in the state will be excited to see both Wisconsin and Ryan in the national spotlight but also said they still don’t think it will affect how Wisconsin votes in November.

“He's a nice guy, the problem of course is that this is not about personalities, this is about policies and the people of this state and the people of this nation are far more interested in knowing what the policies are for a ticket than they are concerned about where a candidate is from,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.


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