Voter Rally Controversy

Bi-partisan event takes noted pro Obama theme


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-When CBS 58's Vanessa Murphy was dispatched to City Hall Monday, it was to cover an event that the press release said was aimed at getting out the vote.

Minister Gregory Lewis of St. Gabriel's insisted that it was bi-partisan.

But then speaker after speaker had a pro-Obama message.

Reporter Murphy at the conclusion of the event simply asked :
"Why are you calling this a non-partisan event?"

"Well, we can," Dr. Archie Ivy of New Hope Baptist Church replied, "we can tell non partisan means we come here to say, just vote, vote."

"With all due respect though," Murphy continued, "clearly, we've heard support for Obama, here today."

Pastor Lewis then stepped in, "If anybody's offended, well, I have to apologize, okay, I won't apologize, we just did what we have to do."


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