Vince Lombardi's grandson in Green Bay for Coach's 100th birthday


by Michele McCormack

GREEN BAY--John Lombardi, grandson of the late football Coach Vince Lombardi, was in titletown Tuesday to celebrate what would have been the sports icon's 100th birthday.

"I do remember a little bit about him," John said. "Primarily I remember he was nice to us. But he had such a  booming voice and when he would come over he'd say where are the boys? We'd get scare and would run away. He loved his gran kids for sure."

Lombardi has a partnership with Titletown Brewing Company which is developing a Lombardi Lager. It's expected to come out some time this fall.

John spent time with lunchtime crowd. He says he's complimented with the success of the Broadway play based on his grandfather's life. He's most pleased that the show is so popular it's being picked up in small towns.

"To me, he was first my grandfather, but it's comforting and nice to know and a point of honor for us that everywhere you turn and every time you turn on a football game he gets brought up. That will never grow old."

As the Lombardi official website tells it:

Lombardi became a hot commodity in the coaching arena, accepted the head
coaching position and signed a five-year contract with the Green Bay Packers in
January 1959. 

From the outset, Lombardi established himself as a coach firmly
in charge. He conducted grueling training camps and demanded absolute dedication
and effort from his players. 

His hard-edged style turned the Packers into the most envied and successful franchise in the 1960's, leading them to five NFL Championships, including victories in Super Bowl I and II, and solidified  Lombardi's status as the greatest football coach in history. 

After a two year  break from coaching, Lombardi returned to lead the Washington Redskins in 1969, promptly leading them to their first winning season in more than a decade.


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