Vince Lombardi's centennial birthday

former players reflect


by Michele McCormack

GREEN BAY-Vince Lombardi would have celebrated his centennial birthday this week if he were with us today.

At a charity golf outing in Green Bay Monday  those who played for him says its how he molded men not just players that they admire most.

"Ya know we used to travel in t shirts," Jerry Kramer recalled, "and when he arrived we got blazers and ties and he wanted us to be gentlemen. He wanted to bring a touch of professionalism and class to the organization and he did that."

Arguably the greatest football coach of all time Lombardi's ability to teach, motivate and inspire helped the Packers dominate the NFL in the 1960's.

The oldest of five children, Vince Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 11, 1913. The son of an Italian immigrant he first had aspirations to join the priesthood.

Now all who follow in his footsteps feel inspiration from above.

"The leadership and the blue print he's laid out is something were all able to look back on," Coach Mike McCarthy reflected, "But ultimately you look at the impact he made on our society.  And he did most of that in Green Bay."

Coach Mike McCarthy, accomplished in his own right, admits he asks to this day asking what would Lombardi do. What would coach say?

"He'd probably echo the fact we nee to run the ball more," McCarthy chuckled..



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