Vice Presidential debate: Why should you tune in?


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- The Vice Presidential debate will kick off Thursday night.

Current VP Joe Biden will face off against Wisconsin Congressman and GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan.

Monday, Joe Biden's son Beau was in Milwaukee speaking with veterans about the election.

He said his father is not feeling pressure leading up to the debate after what some are calling a flat performance by the President during his first debate.

"The President did fine in the debate," Beau Biden said. "There are three more debates, including my dad's with Paul Ryan, he is working hard for that and preparing methodically to do so."

Thursday will also be a chance for both VP candidates to get on the record about the big issues.

For Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch , it's chance for Paul Ryan to make a big splash nationally.

"This is his first chance to introduce himself to many Americans who might not of attended a rally, or seen the 30 second story on the evening news," she explained.

There's also the idea that the debate could affect other races like the one between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson for Herb Kohl's U.S. Senate seat.


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