Vice President Biden supports Milwaukee boy's chocolate bullets idea


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- 7-year-old Myles Nelson thinks people should use chocolate bullets in their guns.  Vice President Biden seems to agree.

The Downtown Montessori Academy student wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, and U.S. Representative Gwen Moore saying people should use chocolate bullets in their guns.

Vice President Biden wrote back and Nelson received the letter yesterday.  Nelson says he likes chocolate and offers this explanation.

"I don't know I just thought about it," Nelson said.  "What do you want me to have? Candycane bullets? That would hurt."

Reading specialist Barb Rankin was having lunch with Myles when he told her about the idea.

"We were having lunch and he said 'Barb, I have a really good idea'. I proceeded to ask him what it was. And he said, I think we should shoot chocolate bullets from guns."

Nelson's father was just as excited.

"I picked my son up from school and there was the handwritten letter from Vice President Biden," Garance Nelson said.   "We just couldn't believe that he was fortunate enough to receive something like that on the Vice Presidential stationary. Thought it was just so, so cool."

The family plans to frame the response.

Now the youngster hopes to meet Biden face-to-face in Washington.

"If he does see this, please let me have lunch with you..."


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