VIDEO: Kenosha bus driver fired after fight


by Chris Patterson

KENOSHA -- Recently released video shows a fight between a Kenosha Tremper High School student and a bus driver.

The short video shows the teenager rushing to the front of the bus, and hitting Bus Driver Scotty Wells. The two began exchanging punches as the bus rolls forward eventually hitting parked vehicles. One of the vehicles had people in it.

The  incident took place on January 17, 2014 and Wells was fired. The union that represents Wells is fighting to get him back on the job. The case against the student has been sent to the Kenosha County District Attorney's Office. The teenager faces charges of recklessly endangering safety, and battery against a transit bus driver. Both charges are felonies.

CBS 58 did attempt to speak with Wells on this story. He declined to comment.

Tune into CBS 58 News and monitor for updates on this story.



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