Uptick in local flu cases

Health officials say flu season close to peaking


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--The early and severe start to the flu season has some Chicago-area hospitals taking extreme measures to deal with the surge in patients.

We checked with Milwaukee-area hospitals and found that while emergency room wait times are up, no patients are being diverted to other hospitals.

Unlike Illinois and 28 other states experiencing high flu activity, Wisconsin was among ten states that reported a low level of influenza-like-illness during Christmas week, the last time the CDC tracked the virus. 

But since then, the Milwaukee Health Department has noticed an uptick in local cases, especially among senior citizens.

The CDC says only about 40 percent of Americans have gotten flu shots so far this season.

It's not too late to get the vaccine, but do it soon because it takes two weeks for it to take full effect.








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