Local union workers return to continue fight


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE—Local union members said they plan to continue their fight for workers’ rights after returning from protests to support their union brotherhood in Michigan.

About 30 people arrived by bus in Milwaukee late Tuesday after spending more than a day in Lansing. Unions there were fighting ‘Right to Work’ legislation, which means workers can no longer be required to pay union dues. The legislation was approved and signed into law.

Local union members said the protests in Michigan were more aggressive than what happened in Madison in 2011 when unions ultimately lost their ability to collectively bargain in Wisconsin.

“People were more angry this was a real stealth attack and a direct attack on workers as Scott Walker directly attacked workers here in Wisconsin last year,” said Former Wisconsin AFL-CIO President David Newby. “We had the luxury, if you like, here of the democrats being able to leave the state and stall the legislation, didn’t stop it, but it stalled it and I think that gave people a sense of alright we’re having an effect.”

Wisconsin unions plan to support Michigan workers as they collect signatures and try to figure out what to do next.


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