Union President: Too much pressure on police


by Shari Dunn

MILWAUKEE -- The head of the union representing Milwaukee Police officers said there is too much pressure on police officers and when that happens, something is bound to break.

Mike Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association, told reporters Tuesday that the allegations against four Milwaukee police officers are disturbing, but he wants to remind that public that the officers have only been charged, and not convicted.

District Five Officers Michael Vagnini, Brian Kozelek, Jeffrey Dollhopf, and Jacob Knight are accused in connection with illegal strip and body cavity searches. Vagnini faces 25 counts. He is accused of doing the searches, while the other officers are accused of being present, and not stepping in to stop them.

Crivello said cops are urged to meet quotas in an unfair way, there is not enough supervision and leadership within the department, and that Chief Ed Flynn is responsible for a lot of the problems.

While Crivello said there are 1700 Milwaukee police officers, and that the majority of them are good men and women, others said the allegations against the four officers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Keith Bailey is the head of community group, Milwaukee Matters. Bailey said community advocates are being contacted by more people who say they are victims, or know victims of police abuse. Bailey said a coalition is being formed to deal with the matter.


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