UW police accuse former captain of taking secret pictures of women


by David Ade

 MADISON -- Peter Ystenes used to be one of the top cops in the UW-Madison Police Department, now he's the target of a multi-department investigation

The former captain was fired in March for spending the last six years secretly taking pictures and videos of women while on and off the job.


"That's sick, that's disgusting. I can't believe someone's doing that." said Heidi Wiley, a Madison resident.


The department sent Ystenes a letter saying, "the total number of photos taken by you are in the thousands… all of these were without the apparent knowledge of those who were photographed or recorded."


"I've gone on my bike in my sports bra down the road. If there's a picture out there like that, I'd like to know." Wiley said.

Of the thousands of pictures and videos Ystenes secretly took, his termination letter says hundreds of them came from a second story office window taking pictures of women walking along this sidewalk, which is just across the street from Camp Randall Stadium.

)((kate henniges | former uw student))

"definitely makes me wonder just because i've been just on this strip right near campus multilple times a week. I'm kind of sure i'm in at least a photo." said former UW student Kate Henniges.


Polices say, Ystenes didn't stick taking pictures from his office window, he followed women in stores, and even targeted his own co-workers.

The letter says  "…you took video images of clothed female university employees under tables during meetings."



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