US Postal Service looks to fill jobs in Milwaukee area


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE -- The United States Postal Service in Milwaukee announced new job openings Wednesday.

On February 15th, the U.S. Postal Service will begin accepting applications for the City Carrier Assistant (CCA) positions and stop accepting them February 21st . They are non-career positions, but it is a path to possible future employment as a full-time mail carrier. The starting pay is $15/hour and includes limited benefits like paid vacation days.

Job-seekers are encouraged to build an online profile at to apply. After an application is accepted, will be required to take the Postal Entrance Examination 473. The USPS will direct applicants to information assisting in preparation for the exam, as higher scores are given hiring preference.

Hired CCA's will be appointed to a term of 360 calendar days. After that term, CCA's are eligible to be reappointed for another 360-day term.

To apply, go to







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