Two women arrested after fighting at child support office


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County sheriff deputies arrested 22-year-old Jacquelina Robinson and 31-year-old Meauto Perryman after getting into a fight at the Child Support Enforcement Office in downtown Milwaukee.

Witnesses say Perryman began to speak aggressively to Robinson as she signed in at the office. Perryman's niece, Shameka Goodman, and Robinson each have a child by the same man.

The sheriff's office says Robinson left to wait in the hall, and was followed by Perryman. That's when Robinson punched Perryman in the face, and the two women began trading blows. Robinson, who is six months pregnant, had visible injuries. She was transported to Sinai Samaritan Hospital for treatment.

We're told Perryman resisted arrest while using profane language. She was eventually tased by police before being arrested.

Both Perryman and Robinson were arrested for battery and disorderly conduct. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reports both women have prior disorderly conduct arrests. Robinson faces additional charges for resisting arrest.



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