Two killed in Waukesha County car crash


by Matt Doyle

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The crash happened just west of a sharp curve. A 23-year-old woman driver from Waukesha and a 23-year-old male passenger from Milwaukee died.  The driver of the other car was a 65-year-old woman from north prairie. She was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries.  

It happened around 7:30 am. Two cars traveling opposite directions crashed.  The Chevrolet car with the two 23-year-olds was traveling west when the driver lost control, crossed the centerline, and hit the other car - a Toyota. 
The cars were on Sunset Road just east of Highway 83 - pretty close to River Glen Christian Church. 
Investigators are attempting to recreate the crash and figure out what happened.  Multiple ambulances responded.  
The cars both ended up facing the same direction.  The metal was bent in varying directions. An airbag was out on one car. 
Glass was all over the road. There was a significant amount of blood on the road too. 
Sunset Road was closed for about four hours while deputies investigated. 
The crash reconstruction team has been out all morning working on that part. The crash is still under investigation. 


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