Two Milwaukee men charged in home invasion and sexual assault


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 27-year-old Omar Rivera and 23-year-old Julio Quiles-Guzman face several criminal charges related to an alleged south side home invasion, and sexual assault that took place on June 29th. Police say the incident took place at a home on the 1900 block of S. Muskego Ave.

According to the criminal complaint, Rivera, Quiles-Guzman and another person known as Chucky entered a south side home as a woman, her husband and child were watching a movie together. By the time the family heard any noises the three men were standing in the kitchen pointing guns in their direction.

The female victim told police one of the men told them, "If you stay calm and keep quiet nothing will happen." Following that one of the men hit the male victim in the head with his pistol.

She also said the home invaders bound her husband by his hands and feet. The suspects allegedly told the family they heard there was $40,000 in the home. The woman let the robbers know that was a lie, and she could only take out $500 per day at the ATM.

One of the home invaders drove with the woman to a nearby ATM to take out $500 with the plan of returning to the ATM after midnight to withdraw another $500. The first trip to the ATM was going as planned. She took out the money and gave it to the robber that accompanied her. As the two were headed back to the south side home, the robber told the woman to pull over.

According to the criminal complaint, the robber asked the woman to kneel down and give him oral sex. The woman complied with the robber fearing he would shoot her if she didn't cooperate.

The complaint further reads the robbery suspects told the male victim they needed more money, and planned to wait around until midnight so they can get more money. The robbers duck taped the family, and temporarily held them in the attic for some time.

According to a statement from the female victim, she was told to go downstairs around 11:30 p.m. She was allegedly brought to a bedroom in the home, and forced to engage in sexual acts with two of the robbers. The female victim told police she feared the home invaders would kill her. She said the suspects removed their gloves during their time in the bedroom.

The complaint says the male victim heard his wife crying, and started banging on the floor. Both home invaders stopped engaging in sex acts with the woman, and returned her to the attack where her husband and son were being held.

The female victim was taken back to the ATM to get another $500. She told police the robber that accompanied her told her to say she only withdrew $300, and if she said otherwise she'd get hurt.

The complaint alleges the three home invaders ransacked the home after they got the $300, and left the home. They also stole the family's vehicle, which was found burned. The female victim was allegedly told to count to 30 before they left the attic. She did, and the robbers were gone by the time they got downstairs.

Police say they found Omar Rivera's fingerprint on the footboard. Rivera denied to police he took part in any sexual assaults. He told police he stayed with the husband and child in the attic during most of the night. He said a person named Chucky hit the male victim in the head with his gun, and took the female victim to the ATM. He also told police they burned to car, because of their fingerprint.

Julio Quiles-Guzman also told police he did not take part in sexually assaulting the female victim. 

Milwaukee police searched Rivera's home and found DVDs that didn't belong to him. They also found a television in the basement behind the furnace. Rivera's girlfriend say she had no idea anything in her home was stolen.

Police also searched the home of Quiles-Guzman, and found several small bags of heroin. They also television that did not belong to Quiles-Guzman. His mother did not know it was stolen.

According to court records, Rivera pleaded guilty to armed robbery about two weeks before this home invasion incident. He was out on bail.

If convicted on all criminal charges for this incident, Rivera faces up to 152 years in prison. Quiles faces up to 158 and a half years in prison if convicted on all criminal charges.



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