"Twerking" is new internet dance craze -- what is it?


by WDJT Graphics

More than 30 high school students in California were suspended this week after they appeared on a homemade video performing a suggestive dance.

The Scripps Ranch High School students were "twerking," which has been all over the internet and caused many to wonder what exactly twerking is.

Put simply, twerking is a dance in which a person shakes their backside. It is not a new craze, Wikipedia claims it started back in 1993, which would make twerking older than the macarena-- a dance fad that swept through America in the mid 1990's.

We reached out to some local school districts to see if the California suspensions could happen here. Milwaukee Public Schools and Racine Public Schools told us they were not aware of any policy against twerking. However Menomonee Falls does have a policy against suggestive dancing.


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