Tree chopping controversy


by Tiffany Tarpley

WAUWATOSA--Dozens of trees were cut down near Watertown Plank Road and that's not sitting too well with some people.

"I went out there and I saw them cutting trees and I was horrified," said Author and Photographer Eddee Daniel.

The trees were cut to make room for a roadway for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's proposed Innovation Park Campus. UWM's Real Estate Foundation President, David Gilbert, explained it will be a public and private research area. Gilbert said because of the Zoo Interchange project, The Wisconsin Department of Transportation had them change the location of the roadway which meant the trees had to be removed.

"While no one likes to take down trees the only place to put this roadway was right in this one spot because of the Zoo Interchange redevelopment so what we're doing is making the best possible plan out of the situation that's been handed to us," explained Gilbert.

Daniel published a book titled 'The Milwaukee County Grounds: Island of Hope.' He called the land a treasure and he's concerned about it's preservation. "To squander this open green space would be to lose something extremely valuable."

Gilbert said 11 acres will be reserved to enhance the habitat for monarch butterfly and other wildlife. They plan to replace all of the trees with native species conducive to the environment. He said the plan was vetted during several meetings over the summer and ultimately the Wauwatosa Common Council approved the project.


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