Travelers Worry About "Frankenstorm", Red Cross Volunteers Get Ready


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE---As the East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy, some people travel toward the storm.

Travelers leaving General Mitchell International Airport say they are tracking the storm.

"I have a weather channel app with my iPad that I use so I have been looking at the weather there as well," says Dana Crandall on his way to catch a flight to Washington D.C. where a state of emergency is in effect. For him, threats of a violent storm trigger flashbacks to Hurricane Irene which caused wide-spread devastation.

"There were many, many homes without power for several weeks actually," Crandall recalled.

Meantime, American Red Cross volunteers prepare to respond to major flooding, power outages, and damaging winds with a massive disaster relief effort.

Volunteers from Milwaukee, John Slegers and Dave Piper started an 800 mile trip to Maryland. When they get there they will load up their emergency response vehicle with supplies and head to an area in need.

"The ERV is designed to dispense food and materials and supplies," says Piper. "It's the general workhorse for the American Red Cross so the tasks are relatively long."

"They like someone not to just give them a cup of coffee or bottle of water but to listen to their problems and sympathize with them," adds, Slegers.


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