Travel Agents Keep Booking Cruises In Wake of Carnival Triumph


by Matt Doyle

MILWAUKEE -- As Carnival "Triumph" passengers make their way home, you might think cruises could fall out of favor with travelers. Think again.

Many local travel agents remain busy booking future cruises.

"This will be my third [cruise]," Joanne Pietroske said.

She's not going to let one crippled cruise stop her family fun.

"I don't expect anything to happen and I'm not worried about it at all," Pietroske said.

Her family will cruise the Caribbean late next month.

"[It] doesn't cross my mind," Pietroske said. "That's like one in a million. There's tons of cruises going on, so I wasn't concerned."

Many applauded the Carnival crew for remaining calm through the week. 

Ashley Kumlien worked two years for a cruise line. She says options are limited in that type of situation.

"I don't know how you'd get the people safely off the ship," Kumlien said. "Rather than sitting and waiting for it to be towed in. I really feel the crew and the captain did the right thing in terms of the people's safety."

And while this cruise left a sour taste for some, local travel agents think differently. People are still booking.

"Every day we get cruise requests," Fox World Travel Specialist Cyndi Rasmussen said.

"The people that love to cruise will continue to cruise."

She says nobody canceled their cruise since the incident and she says she knows why.

"Cruises are one of the hottest vacations around. People can see a lot of different destinations and only unpack once."

Exactly the reason Pietroske keeps cruising.

"It's relaxing," she said. "You're in the sun, there's lots of things to do on the ship  My kids love it too."


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