Transportation department promoting motorcycle safety


by Tiffany Tarpley


MILWAUKEE--Representatives with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT) are working to promote safety and responsibility among motorcyclists on the roads this weekend. 

According to WDOT in 2012 there were 116 motorcyclist fatalities.  As of August 26th, there were 56 so far in 2013.
"Training won't kill you, it will save your life and it will make you a better rider," said WDOT Community Service Specialist, Ken Heis.
The transportation department brought "The Ref" (Transportable High End Rider Education Facility) to Veterans' Park during Harley-Davidson's 110th Celebration. 
One feature of the portable education facility is a traffic simulator with motorcycle controls. 
"It's about what kind of strategy do you use to survive on the road," said Heis.


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