Train Your Brain At New Center in Waukesha


by Elizabeth Fay

WAUKESHA-- Three years ago, school was a struggle for Michael Pasqua, 13, of Brookfield.  "I found it very hard to pay attention to the teacher," he says.

 His parents sought a solution other than medication. They found LearningRx in Madison. "It's one-on-one brain training targeting the cognative skills we use to think and learn on an everyday basis," says Michael's father, Kevin Pasqua.

Michael completed 24 weeks of training sessions and says he began to excel.  "I could do my homework in about half the time. Math was much easier. I could focus better and I was reading three books a week," he explains.

His parents were so impressed with learningRx they decided to open one of the company's 80 franchises closer to home. Now you can use the program's game-like exercises to improve skills like memory, logic, reading and processing speed at the LearningRx Waukesha location at 21075 Swenson Drive, Suite 250.

"Your brain works a lot like a muscle in that it can adapt and you can train it much like running or lifting weights," says Kevin Pasqua who is the executive director of the center in Waukesha.

The brain training program is not only for students, it aims to strengthen skills for people of all ages and abilities including those with brain injuries, ADD, dyslexia and Alzheimer's.

The center is now open. You can find contact information at the following link:


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