Trails of trash affecting Milwaukee's north side


by Michael Schlesigner

MILWAUKEE --- The area around the 31st Street corridor on Milwaukee's northside has a trash problem. The worst of the litter is between Highland and Capitol. Alderman Willie Hines office first tipped CBS58 News off to the problem. He believes the situation can be easily remedied through better cooperation and communication between the city, businesses, and individuals.

Business owner Anibal Gonzales sees it much differently. He says the issue is with individual people, not companies or businesses. He thinks some folks would rather dump along the side of the road rather than taking the time to put litter in its place at the local dump. 

Much of the area in question runs along the railroad track. Wisconsin and Southern Railroad leases the property. The company is responsible for fifty feet on either side of the track. The company assures us a major cleanup is in the works within the next few months.

The city of Milwaukee has an illegal dumping hotline. It's 800-78-CRIME or you can log on to



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